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Creativity, research, clarity, vocabulary… oftentimes, academic papers need more than one of these. Except that they hardly come together when you’ve accumulated a ton of sleepless nights while overdosing on caffeine or snacking on ramen noodles. We believe that college is really what you make of it, and we can help you cut down on some of that load by taking essay writing off your plate. Instead of trying to gain the expertise necessary for a well-supported paper, you can invest your time and energy into the things you’re really passionate about. Couldn’t you spend those extra hours on a lot of other endeavors? What about family or social life?We also know that you care about your grades; we do too. So whether you are strictly looking for the best essay writing service available or just browsing through your options, our essay writing service will be sure not to disappoint. This is not just us bragging; this is a fact.Let us tell you why we say this, right now. We’ll highlight the top 5 benefits of choosing us for all your academic writing needs. Trust us, they will surprise you. Ready? Here we go.

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Our clients don’t call us one of the best essay writing services on the market for nothing. We truly deliver on those expectations. Not only have we been providing writing help for over 5 years to individuals from all over the world, but we also keep producing quality results. Nine out of ten of our student clients report better grades consistently, and about the same number of them are return customers. This is because we don’t just copy and paste information from other sources in order to deliver your papers on time. Instead, we plan our time properly so that we meet your exact requirements and expectations. That is our guarantee; if we don’t follow your exact instructions, you are free to request a refund. However, given that we complete over 150 writing assignments daily, we know you’ll be satisfied with our work. We run into so many types of requests every day that there isn’t much we can’t take on. For example, we can work on a large variety of papers like:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Lab reports
  • Presentations
  • Creative writing
  • Job application materials
  • Admission letter

and the list just keeps going. Technical writing, descriptive essays, dialogues, monologues, opinion papers… just send all of those our way, and we’ll take care of them.

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We think of our essay business as an essay SERVICE rather than a money-making machine. We consider our assistance as a way of paying it forward, as our thanks for those who had helped us when we were in your shoes. That is why our prices start from only $10 per page. If you try to make a list of all the quality items you can buy with $10 nowadays, you will probably have a very short list. On top of that, you get even more bang for your buck with our free revisions that you can request within the first 2 weeks of us delivering your first draft. Plus, our Title and Reference pages are entirely free; they are included in those prices.We offer you all of these benefits because your success in college is our top priority. We don’t want to deepen any debt you may have. Our goal is to make your college load easier for you from every angle you measure it: time-wise, money-wise, and grade-wise. We’ve been able to do so successfully thus far, and we plan on continuing our service and legacy in the years to come, as well.

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Descriptive, analytical, persuasive, critical or argumentative… our writers possess all of these skills. We’re not even exaggerating! We pick only the most experienced writers to work with. From detailing a point to providing vivid narration details to keeping semantics and syntax on point, we can make sure it’s all there. You may or may not have the necessary skills to do all this yourself; we don’t ask. We just want to ensure you have the time and the college experience you were hoping for. Our team includes more than 1200 highly-effective professional writers, all of whom are native English speakers and have completed a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree. They are well-versed in putting together plagiarism-free papers and employ appropriate research methods using only reliable sources. They are also particularly familiar with the US and UK university systems, being able to tailor your assignments to not only the proper dialect but also to the correct standards. So you are definitely in good hands.In addition to that, your paper will have all its sources already cited in any reference style you may need, including MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago. You won’t have to worry about those absolutely confusing Works Cited Pages anymore. We know you have plenty of other worries to deal with during this time of your life. Our services are all-inclusive and meant to ease your load as much as possible.

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Online is the ultimate way to go nowadays, not only because of coronavirus but also because of the privacy that it offers you. Think about it. Why should you have to endure the embarrassment of someone correcting your mistakes, or the hassle of scheduling a tutoring appointment and physically driving to some place to meet with some expert who is supposed to make you a better writer?At the same time, our staff team is within reach 24/7. We have a chat available non-stop for you to ask questions or provide additional details to us at any point in time. We will reply to all your inquiries as soon as we possibly can, and we’d be totally happy to receive any feedback from you as well through that online venue. Besides the chat, we will also keep you posted on our writing progress through regular emails to the address you provide us with.The entire process is simple and easy, including the initial ordering procedure. Our website has a user-friendly interface and a self-explanatory outline to ensure you know exactly what to do at any point while browsing. We won’t even ask you to create an account. After you place your order, we’ll just take the details you’ve provided us with, create the account on your behalf, and then send you the login information. It’s really that easy!

Safe essay writing website

One of the ways we distinguish ourselves from many of the other essay writing websites is by providing a safe platform for our clients. If you go check out our website at buy-essay-club.com, you’ll notice the HTTPS in the URL. That means your information cannot be retrieved by any third party. In fact, not even our own writers have access to it. So you can securely enter all your details, including name, phone number, email, billing address, and card number while knowing none of it will be stolen or misused.Not only that, but we only use legitimate payment gateways like PayPal and Visa cards. We know you’ve heard of them. That’s why we picked them! We aim to ensure your absolute comfort while doing business with us, and establish trust in the long run. Neither your identity nor your money will be stolen. You can be certain of that.How do all the benefits mentioned above sound like to you? We can promise that they are not just empty claims. You will see once you give us a shot. Hold on a minute, though. Is it just us, or are there a few more question marks starting to form in your mind? Don’t worry; if you still don’t trust us, even after everything we’ve mentioned so far, then let us address some of our common FAQs for you. We think those will finally put your mind at ease. However, if you still have questions after that, feel free to shoot us a message, and we’ll be beyond happy to clarify any remaining concerns. Now, here are 3 of our top FAQs and answers: